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Do you run an online webstore, a physical shop, or are you a traveling dealer visiting medieval markets and folk festivals? Are interested in selling our goods, expanding your product range, and increasing your sales?

Then it’s good that you found us! With a huge assortment of well over 13,000 products, we are one of the most successful wholesalers in the field of reenactment, medieval markets and LARP.

From medieval garb to kitchen supplies, right through to show fighting equipment, we can deliver everything to equip your customers from top to bottom for all of the aforementioned at fair terms and with a fast and reliable service.



Your advantages at a glance
• Over 13,000 products immediately available
• Attractive dealer terms
• Lucrative bonus system
• Providing professional product photos, texts and translations for your webstore
• Friendly and helpful service
• High product quality
• Fast Order processing



Battle-Merchant as a medieval wholesaler

We have been active as a wholesaler with our family business in the field of reenactment, the middle Ages and LARP for many years. In addition to the distribution of our own products and brands, which include the Ulfberth brand specializing in reenactment or our own Battle-Merchant medieval collection, we have brought in well-known international partners.

For example, we are the official German distributor of Cold Steel knives, an American manufacturer of high-quality blades of all kinds. Other well-known brands from our available range: Beier Distribution, Brusletto, Condor, Deepeeka, Defcon, Extrema Ratio, Filmam, Forge de Lagiole, Hanwei, United Cutlery, Iron Fortress, Kershaw, Marto, Samura, Something Obscene, SPQR, Windlass, Wood Jewel and Zero Tolerance.

As a wholesaler, we now sell to more than 800 retailers and the number is steadily increasing. As we ourselves continue to work in the retail sector, we know exactly who the target groups are, the possibilities, but we also know the obstacles. You can benefit from our experience as a wholesaler; working with us, an experienced partner is at your side.

- We can provide you with attractive images for your webstore to offer your customers a satisfying shopping experience.

- If you have any questions about articles, then our experienced team will support you, they have been dealing with the products from re-enactment and middle ages for a long time.

- In addition, we offer many other benefits, such as the possibility of drop shipping and the bonus system for traders.

How to register with us as a dealer

If you would like to register as a dealer with our Medieval Wholesale Trade, please create a normal customer account first, if you do not already have one.

Then you should send us an e-mail with your business registration and the exact name under which you have registered with us. In the following days, we will manually change your account to "Trader". If you log in with your registration details in the shop after the changeover, you will see the wholesale price as well as the crossed-out retail price for comparison for each item.

You will also receive all important information by email, such as an exact explanation of the bonus system.

Drop shipping Service

Are you looking for a wholesaler who sends the goods directly to your customer without detours? This service is called drop shipping! We can also offer you this service. Your customer will not notice that the delivery actually comes from us – it will be sent in neutral packaging with your return address on the package – no problem for us!

Do you have any questions?

Many questions you may have are likely to be answered with the first info-mail you receive from us. But if you want to ask something beforehand, please don't hesitate to contact us. Whether by phone or by mail, we will take care of your request as soon as possible!

Our contact details
Battle-Merchant Wacken GmbH & Co. KG
Helge and Hendrik Pahl
Gehrn 4
25596 Wacken
Phone: +49 48 27 / 9 98 39 00
Fax: +49 48 27 / 9 98 39 09
Email: info@battle-merchant.com


Battle-Merchant as a manufacturer of medieval products

Battle-Merchant is not only a medieval wholesaler, but also a producer of our own range of physical products. We are particularly proud of this, as we put a lot of heart and soul into the development of our ranges. And what will also please you: We can offer you exceptionally good dealer terms for our own brands. We currently have three in-house brands: Ulfberth which caters for reenactment needs, Schnitzel Germany for child-friendly outdoor equipment and Battle-Merchant.

For many years we have been producing and optimizing our range of Battle-Merchant products in the fields of reenactment, show combat, living history and LARP. From the Middle Ages sword to tent pegs, we offer a wide range of products across this area, many of which many have become indispensable for medieval enthusiasts.

We are particularly proud of the clothing of our medieval collection, into which great attention to detail flows. Most of the garments are designed by our fashion designer according to current findings or are inspired by garments of certain eras. If garments have no historical connection, then they are mostly fantasy designs which were frequently requested from us. In the product descriptions that we provide to you, we give you precise information about the historical link. The fabrics are also carefully selected by our fashion designer and tested with a strict eye for detail. In addition, there are accurate size charts for each garment: this is not only a customer-friendly, but it also reduces returns.

We have been working with our brand Ulfberth since 2008 as a producer of practical, authentic replicas for historical representation, re-enactment, show combat and LARP. From armor parts to storage supplies: The range already includes more than 350 products and new ones are being regularly added. The development process not only includes our many years of expertise in show fighting products, but also intensive research. For example, we consult historical information, the current findings and expert opinions. For several replicas we have even purchased historical original finds in order to study them extensively in order to recreate them as faithfully as possible.

Our latest brand from our own production is Schnitzel Germany, with which we specialize in (modern) outdoor equipment for children. With the Schnitzel UNU and the Schnitzel DU, we launched two children's knives in 2019, for which we have already received a lot of positive feedback, including over 500 positive reviews on Amazon. Our aim is that the quality of equipment for children is in no way inferior to the equipment of the adults, but in terms of design and handling it should meet the needs of the children in particular. As you know, we have been offering not only historical knives but also modern knives for quite some time and have been dealing with blades of all kinds since our foundation in 2002. It was therefore a labour of love for us to use this expertise as a producer in the development of child-friendly equipment.

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