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FAQ on the Ordering Process

1.) Are all your items available or do you have to order them in elsewhere?

Unless expressly stated, all items in our online shop are stored in our warehouse and therefore immediately available. We currently store approx. 13,000 different products on approx. 1,500 Sqm of storage space. So don't worry, by dealing with us your order will be delivered very quickly.

We don't usually have huge backlogs of orders to fill. As soon as a product is sold out, we take it out of the online shop. As soon as we receive a new delivery, it will be added to the shop again. Our site is updated several times a day. But, we do not accept payments in advance for items that are out of stock.

2.) How long are the specific delivery and shipping times?

Delivery times depend on the payment method. The fastest ways to pay are cash on delivery, PayPal, instant bank transfer, credit card and direct debit, as we can then send the items immediately. In the case of advance payment by bank transfer, the time required by the banks for the transaction to be processed is always added.

Shipping takes one to three working days within Germany, and two to three working days to Austria and Benelux. For practical reasons however, we recommend that you should account for one more day to allow for the delivery to be made if possible. If it is urgent, please let us know in the order comments box when ordering. Orders that we are supposed to be sent on the same day should have reached us by 11 a.m. at the latest.

3.) Will I receive a tracking number?

As soon as we have handed over the package to the shipping service provider, the shipping service will send you an e-mail stating the delivery status as well as the tracking number. If you have not yet received an e-mail, either the package has not yet been handed over for shipping or the mail has ended up in your spam folder.

4.) Where can I find your bank details?

Upon receipt of an order, we will send the customer, who has chosen bank transfer as payment method in advance, an e-mail with the total amount and our bank details as soon as possible. Our bank details are not available on the Internet, as we first check availability and postage costs in order to avoid unnecessary accounting work. Foreign buyers automatically receive the international bank details with IBAN and BIC.

5.) A product is sold out, what now?

We will be happy to inform you when a temporarily out-of-stock product is available again. To do this, you can access the sold-out product and enter your e-mail address under "Notify me as soon as the item is available". You will then receive an email with a confirmation link, which you must click.

Of course, in rare cases, supply and demand can still lead to delays. In this case, you will be informed immediately when the item is expected to be available again.


FAQ Products and Product Groups

1.) Do you give a guarantee against breakage for show-fighting weapons?

Our swords with the indication "fencing or show-fighting" are suitable for fencing and show fighting only. Forceful striking of impact edge on impact edge (or other hard objects) does not correspond to proper use of these swords and can lead to a break of the blade in the long run. Our warranty in the event of blade breakage applies only and exclusively to material defects (e.g. hairline cracks in the blade, or workmanship defects), but not to improper use of these swords.

Please also keep in mind that even the best show fight sword after extensive use can show signs of wear.

2.) Are the swords delivered sharpened?

We have three types of swords.

• Training and show fighting swords with an impact edge of approx. 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm

• Decorative swords with an impact edge of approx. 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm

• Sharp swords that are delivered as per their description i.e. sharpened

Sharp swords you can purchase from us in the category "Sharp Swords". In it you will find swords of many well-known companies, for example Cold Steel and Hanwei.

3.) Are the drinking horns made of real horn?

Yes, they are. As with all natural materials, they vary slightly in color and shape, making each drinking horn unique.

4.) What is the difference between Hauberk and Haubergeon?

Both are forms of ring armor, also referred to by many as chain shirts. A Hauberk is a long-sleeved and about knee-length ring armor (chain shirt). Haubergeon, on the other hand, is a ring armor (chain shirt) that has only half-length or short sleeves and extends straight to the thigh.

5.) What do the different code names mean for the chain tool?

If you want to buy your own ring armor or even make it yourself, then different braiding patterns and ring types are available to you. You can find a good introduction to this topic in our blog post "The right rings for your chain braid".


Overview of the different abbreviations and their meaning

BTW - High-quality entry-level chain mesh.

Made from untreated 1.6 mm spring steel for even greater protection than the usual chain shirts.

Inner diameter: 8 mm

Ring thickness: 1.6 mm unriveted


RRR - This chain mesh consists of round rings with round riveted heads, all rings riveted.

Inner diameter: 8 mm

Ring thickness: 1.6 mm


ARR - This chain mesh consists of round rings with round riveted heads.

Inner diameter: 8 mm

Ring thickness: 1.6 mm

Material: Aluminum


FRM - European flat ring braid.

This chain mesh consists of flat rings with round rivet heads. Alternating a row with riveted and a row with punched rings.

Braiding: 4 in 1

Inner diameter: 8 mm

Ring thickness: 1.6 mm


FRR- European flat ring braid.

This chain mesh consists of flat rings with round riveted heads, all rings riveted.

Inner diameter: 8 mm

Flat rings: 1.8 mm


FWM - European flat ring braid.

Made from flat rings. A row of round with wedge rivets, a row of the rings is punched, so without rivets.

Braiding 4 in 1

Inner diameter: 8 mm

Flat rings: 1.8 mm width


FRW - European flat ring braid.

Made of flat rings, all with wedge rivets.

Braiding: 4 in 1

Inner diameter: 9 mm

Flat rings: 1.8 mm width


RM - Roman braid.

Made of rings with only 6 mm diameter.

According to original templates, the braid consists of a series of riveted rings (round rivet heads) and a series of punched rings.


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