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Photos and image sources

Special thanks go to all Photo-Battle participants who made it to our website with their pictures. We really appreciate the effort and time that went into the photos, make-up and set. That's why your work has found a place on our site. Battle-Merchant says thank you to:

Rico Pahlig (Index page, slider)
Hanna Olsson (Category photo)
Jens Bischoff (Category photo)
Björn Hirschmann (Category photo)
Kaja Szewczyk (Category photo)
Julio Rodríguez Uria (Category photo)
Ana Belén Fernández González (Category photo)



10% discount for associations and groups

Cooking, working and training together – nothing creates a stronger bond than life at the camp. Whether at a medieval market, an army camp or a LARP gathering, each and every camp group helps to ensure that the love of experiencing history first hand never wanes. Museums are enlivened, medieval markets filled, battles re-enacted and in the process, plenty of historical knowledge is carried out into the world.

To honour this contribution, we offer medieval groups and associations a 10% discount. If you think that your medieval society, your battle re-enactment group or your camp community should benefit from this discount, then write us an e-mail to info@battlemerchant.com and introduce your group or society!




In recent years, we have entered into a wide range of cooperations and have, amongst others,

• made products available for reviews,

• lent garments and props for photo shoots or

• donated items for raffles.

If this all sounds of interest to you and you can envisage cooperating with us, then don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail to media@battlemerchant.com. Please briefly describe what you have in mind and what you would need. If you're planning something for a social media channel, a link to the corresponding profile would also be very helpful. We can discuss everything else by e-mail.


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