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DVD Arthurian Legends - Camelot

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DVD Arthurian Legends - Camelot THE ARTHURIAN LEGENDS - CAMELOT Romanticised by Hollywood... mehr
Produktinformationen "DVD Arthurian Legends - Camelot"

DVD Arthurian Legends - Camelot


Romanticised by Hollywood and embellished by centuries of creative writing, Camelot is the epitome of a fantasy castle. Brave knights such as Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad walk its stony corridors preparing for their next quest, while its loyal citizens go about their daily lives protected by its vast walls and sat in resplendent glory at the head of the Round Table is Arthur, King of Britain. But is there any factual basis for this most famous of fortresses or is it pure legend, a castle built on the idea of chivalry and nothing more? With the help of experts, archive material and new footage, we examine the very latest theories, findings and evidence surrounding Camelot including its possible location, occupants and links to King Arthur. Was Camelot the grand castle of legend, a nomadic court travelling the land to dispense local justice or simply an idealistic code of morals from a forgotten age?

Length: 50 mins

Language: English Diese DVD ist nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

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