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Outdoor Cooking - The Petromax Cookbook

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Outdoor Cooking with Petromax From the first sparks over blazing flames up to red-hot embers... mehr
Produktinformationen "Outdoor Cooking - The Petromax Cookbook"

Outdoor Cooking with Petromax

From the first sparks over blazing flames up to red-hot embers - cooking and baking outdoors in nature over the open fire creates a very particular fascination.

Combined with a good pinch of adventure and originality there is more to it than mere food preparation. Outdoor pro Carsten Bothe, together with the innovative tradition steeped Petromax company, presents more than 80 varied recipes for cooking outdoors and conjures splendid treats in Dutch Oven, Skillet or Loaf Pan. From German farmer’s breakfast over pork roast with crackling and vegetables on the Griddle and Fire Bowl up to bread, soups, stews, pastry and drinks. In this book you will find numerous instructions and recipes together with field-tested tips and interesting facts on handling cast iron, fireplaces and co. - all of which enrich the outdoor kitchen in a wide range but are, of course, also suitable for the home.

Lern how to be a an outdoor pro in cooking!

- loads of recipes
- Know-how by the Outdoor pro Carsten Bothe
- recommendet best practice for using cast iron and open fire
- congenial to campfire outdoor cooking, terrace and garden

Carsten Bothe: Outdoor Cooking. The Petromax Cookbook.

144 Pages, Paperback, 203 x 254 mm, ISBN 978-3-95843-958-0

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