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Contemporary Scrimshaw

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Contemporary Scrimshaw - History, Process, Gallery by Eva Halat Scrimshaw may be regarded as... mehr
Produktinformationen "Contemporary Scrimshaw"
Contemporary Scrimshaw - History, Process, Gallery
by Eva Halat

Scrimshaw may be regarded as pure art, or as decoration for objects intended for daily wear or use. It is especially popular for ornamenting the grips of fine knives, and is often found on ear rings, pendants, belt buckles, or other jewelry. Scrimshaw is also a perennial favorite on powder horns for the muzzle-loading enthusiast and, on occasion, it may even be used to add a touch of individuality to a traditional archer's favorite bow.

Taking advantage of her wide circle of acquaintances in this field, the author has devoted almost two thirds of her book to a remarkable "gallery" section. Here, often in their own words, she introduces the reader to 42 people, European as well as American artists, who are among the best scrimshanders in the world today, and she presents samples of their art in a virtually unique collection of extraordinary photographs. The artists' biographies and the technical sections contain hints and tips that may be of considerable interest to experienced scrimshaw artists.

224 pages
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