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Norman Knight AD 950 - 1204, WAR1

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Norman Knight AD 950-1204 (Warrior 1) Author: Christopher Gravett Illustrator: Christa Hook... mehr
Produktinformationen "Norman Knight AD 950 - 1204, WAR1"

Norman Knight AD 950-1204
(Warrior 1)

Author: Christopher Gravett
Illustrator: Christa Hook

Paperback; March 1993; 64 pages

About this book
Throughout the 11th and 12th centuries the Norman knight was possibly the most feared warrior in Western Europe. He was descended originally from the Vikings who had settled in Northern France under their leader Rollo in or around 911 at the behest of Charles the Simple and throughout the following centuries they remembered and built on their warlike reputation. This book shows how their military prowess was renowned throughout the known world and resulted in Normans conquering Sicily in 1060 and England in 1066, as well as participating in many important battles in Italy and playing a major part in the First Crusade.

The Authors:
Chris Gravett is a former Senior Curator at the Royal Armouries, Tower of London, and a recognised authority on the arms, armour and warfare of the medieval world. He has worked as an advisor for numerous TV and film productions, and has written many books for Osprey.

Christa Hook began her illustrating career in 1986. Her work has featured extensively in the worlds of publishing and television, and she has established herself as one of Osprey's most popular illustrators. Her illustrations combine the historian's attention to detail with the artist's sense of drama and atmosphere, and they are sought after by collectors worldwide.

# Historical Background
# Chronology
# Appearance and Equipment
# Construction and Repair
# Training
# Tactics
# Typical Engagements
# Motivation
# Bohemond
# Logistics
# Museums
# Glossary

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