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Medieval Knights by Justo Jimeno (Concord 6013)

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Medieval Knights by Justo Jimeno 48 pages, 22 color artist plates In the popular... mehr
Produktinformationen "Medieval Knights by Justo Jimeno (Concord 6013)"
Medieval Knights

by Justo Jimeno

48 pages, 22 color artist plates

In the popular imagination, there can be no more archetypal symbol of the Middle

Ages than that of the knight. The origins of knights are unknown, but their

heyday was between the 10th and 15th centuries. Indeed the knighthood reached its

pinnacle of splendor in the 12th and 13th centuries during the crusades.

Later it was the rise of the musket and harquebus rang the death knell of knights

on the battlefield.

The format of ""Medieval Knights"" follows that of other popular titles in the

series. Each of the 22 color plates features a battle scene, or items of knight

armor and weapons that are of particular interest. The accomplished artwork is

produced by the author, which means that they present all pertinent details. The

color plates are accompanied by detailed text that describes the development of

the knightly orders, and some of the battles they fought in. Such famous

characters as Richard the Lionheart, Alfonso VIII, The Black Prince, Joan of Arc,

all make their appearance, as do such famous battles as those of Bannockburn,

Tannenberg, and Agincourt. There is further informative detail included on

mythical knights, the Order of the Templar and knights from particular nations

like Germany or Italy.

Tracing knights from their early origins, through their famous battles, this book

is full of fascinating and useful information. They were certainly much more than

heavily armored men riding on horses, as this book correctly points out.

For those wishing to increase their knowledge of this interesting era, then this

book is a logical solution. The combination of color artwork and incisive text

makes it a winning formula.

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