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Hastings 1066 - The Fall of Saxon England, CAM13

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Hastings 1066 (Revised Edition) The Fall of Saxon England (Campaign 13) Author: Christopher... mehr
Produktinformationen "Hastings 1066 - The Fall of Saxon England, CAM13"

Hastings 1066 (Revised Edition)
The Fall of Saxon England
(Campaign 13)

Author: Christopher Gravett

Paperback; September 2000; 100 pages

About this book
Fought on 14th October 1066 between Duke William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson, king of England, the Battle of Hastings irrevocably changed the course of English history. William's victory ensured his accession to the English throne. Hastings was also decisive in another way: the horrendous casualties suffered by the English nobility both there and at the two earlier battles of Fulford and Stamford Bridge resulted in there being very few men influential enough to lead an English resistance once William had been crowned. William would survive long enough to successfully found a Norman dynasty of English kings.

Chris Gravett is a former Senior Curator at the Royal Armouries, Tower of London, and a recognised authority on the arms, armour and warfare of the medieval world. He has worked as an advisor for numerous TV and film productions, and has written many books for Osprey.

# Background to the Crisis of 1066
# The Commanders
# Opposing Armies
# Plans and Preparations
# The Battle
# Aftermath
# The Battlefield Today
# Chronology
# A Guide to Further Reading
# Wargaming the Battle of Hastings

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