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Sword Scabbard for Short Swords, Leather Scabbard

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Sword Scabbard for Short Swords, LARP Leather Scabbard The Danish LARP weapons manufacturers... more
Product information "Sword Scabbard for Short Swords, Leather Scabbard"

Sword Scabbard for Short Swords, LARP Leather Scabbard

The Danish LARP weapons manufacturers Palnatoke are not only known for their outstanding LARP weapons but for their high-quality leather products. They are offering three different scabbards in different designs for their available sword lengths (short and long):

- Noble
- Pioneer
- Legend

Please note:
Delivery includes the scabbard only. A required mount is available separately (product no. 1689431910, 1689431918 or 1689431919) .

Each scabbard fits every available Palnatoke LARP sword (and of course every other LARP sword, too) with the corresponding blade length. These scabbards are suitable for LARP swords with a blade length of no more than 61 cm. They are rich in detail and made from highest quality split leather.

- Material: split leather (cowhide)
- Colours depend on model: black and brown (Noble and Legend), black (Pioneer)
- Suitable for sword with a max. blade length of 61 cm
- Weight: approx. 380 g

Palnatoke stands for high-quality LARP products made in Denmark.
The company was founded in 2002 by enthusiastic live action role-players who were disappointed by the weapons available on themarket at that time. They committed themselves to making the best latex weapons ever seen. And indeed, Palnatoke's LARP weapons belong to the best ones in the world today. The company is not only renowned for its durable latex swords and daggers but also offers a wide range of leather accessories such as belts, sword holders, scabbards, bracers and greaves.

Palnatoke, also written Pálna-Tóki, was the name of a Danish Viking chieftain, founder of Jomsborg and the famous brotherhood of the Jomsvikings. He was the foster father of Sweyn Forkbeard who was at feud with his biological father, King Harald Bluetooth. Palnatoke eventually killed King Harald with an arrow, thus enabling Sweyn Forkbeard to accede to the throne of Denmark.

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