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Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925 - 1025, ELI187

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Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925 - 1025, ELI187 Author: Raffaele D'Amato Illustrator:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925 - 1025, ELI187"
Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925 - 1025, ELI187

Author: Raffaele D'Amato

Illustrator: Giuseppe Rava

About this book

The hundred-year period ending in 1025, from the reign of the Emperor Constantine VII to that of Basil II 'the
Bulgar-Slayer', encompassed the last great era of Byzantine aggression and dominance in the Near East and Balkans.
During that time, a succession of soldier-emperors hallenged and defeated an array of opponents on land and at sea
and reconquered vast swathes of territory. At the heart of the Emperors' forces were the professional, highly mobile
Tagmata or Imperial Guard regiments, originally formed to guard the Emperor¹s person in the capital but invariably
deployed as elite combat troops. Joining these heavy cavalry units, were a variety of exotic mercenary units recruited
from foreigners, notably the legendary Varangians. Featuring specially commissioned full-colour artwork, this lively
study sheds new light on the colourful regiments of the Byzantine Imperial Guard, the formidable warriors who provided
the Byzantine emperors with an insurance policy in the capital, and the elite of their field armies when on campaign.


- Introduction - historical background

- Chronology of campaigns and battles

- Byzantine army organization: the Themata and Tagmata

- The Tagmata, regimental organization and histories: heavy armoured cavalry units - archer units - infantry units

- The Imperial Guard on ceremonial duties

- The Imperial Guard on campaign and in battle

- Uniforms, armour and weapons

- Bibliography

- Index
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