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Ancient warfare magazine Vol II - 2 - Victory and defeat

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Ancient warfare magazine Vol II - 2 Theme: Victory and Defeat. Introduction: Jasper... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ancient warfare magazine Vol II - 2 - Victory and defeat"
Ancient warfare magazine Vol II - 2

Theme: Victory and Defeat.

Introduction: Jasper Oorthuys, 'introduction to the theme'.

The Source: John Walsh, 'Victories and Roman coinage'.

Roman victories often took the form of festivals, processions and military triumps, often with a religious connection. The Romans also liked to highlight their successes in the form of propaganda displayed on columns, temples, arches and coinage.

Theme: Ross Cowan, 'Grinding Pyrrhus Down'.
Illustrated by Graham Sumner.

In 280 BC king Pyrrhus of Epirus won a costly victory over the Romans and their Allies at Heraclea in Lucania in Southern Italy. His phalanx could not break the Roman manipular formations, but the appearance of the 'Lucanian cows', Pyrrhus' Elephants, finally drove the Romans from the field. More than once Pyrrhus defeated the Romans, but they just would not give up.

Theme: Joseph Pietrykowski, 'To the last man. Failure, Sacrifce and the Triumph of Defeat'.
Illustrated by Johnny Shumate.

Throughout history countless generations have been awed and entranced by spectacular stories of heroic defeat. From the desparate defence of Thermopylae to the last valiant struggle of the Sacred Band at Chaeronea to the efforts of the Sicarii at the fortress of Masada, these tragically triumphant accounts continue to thrill and amaze readers and audiences to this day.

Theme: Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'Sparta's Last Hurrah. The Battle of Sellasia'.
Illustrated by Igor Dzis and Carlos de la Rocha.

"This ruined the cause of Greece, at a time when she was still able in some way or other to recover from her grievous plight and escape Macedonian greed and insolence" This is the account of a very different kind of battle. The consequences of Victory and Defeat were long-reaching, the battle was, unusually, fought on mountainous terrain and it gives an insight in command and control issues as well as phalanx tactics.

Theme: Stefanos Skarmintzos, 'Phalanx versus Legion'.
Illustrated by Johnny Shumate.

"What then is the reason of the Roman success, and what is it that defeats the purpose of those who use the phalanx?" The question Polybius asked and answered is not as clear-cut as the Greek exile presents it. To understand the conflict between the Greek cities and Rome and its outcome, the respective socio-military systems have to be examined.


Special: Duncan Campbell, 'Catapults in the Cohorts.'.
Illustrated by Andy Brozyna.

For a long time, it has been assumed that Rome's auxiliary units could not have possessed artillery. For one thing, heavy weapons have no place in the tactics of light-armed skirmishers. There is ample evidence to show that the legions were routinely equipped with artillery, but did their auxiliary counterparts ever handle catapults?

Be a general: Murray Dahm, 'Onasander's General'
Illustrated by Andrew Brozyna.

The treatise of The General by Onasander, a mid-first century AD Platonic philosopher, is the only didactic treatise on the role of the commander to survive from the Roman world. It remains unread and neglected by most military historians, and is roundly abused as a worthless piece of literature...
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