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Scottish Basket-hilted Sword, battle-ready

Product No.: 0107203010
0107203010 Scottish Basket-hilted Sword, battle-ready

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Scottish Basket-hilted Sword, battle-ready Scottish Basket-hilted Sword, battle-ready Scottish Basket-hilted Sword, battle-ready
Scottish Basket-hilted Sword, battle-ready

A lot of Scottish broadswords and reconstructions are currently available. This Basket-hilted Sword made by Amourclass considerably stands out from >the crowd. It has been made for hard, British full contact re-enactment.
The sword consists of a particularly well-balanced blade made of EN-45 spring steel with the typical two fullers, and a complexly hand-made, decorative, but very robust basket-hilt, inside partly covered with strong cowhide.

Armourclass is one of UK's leading sword manufacturers. Quantities are extremly limited and waiting periods of 6 months or more are common. We usually have these swords in stock.

The hardened spring steel blade is forged up to the pommel.
Cross guard made from steel. The edges and the blade's point are blunt and rounded.

- Battle-ready Sword Category : SK-A
  Learn more about our classification for blunt practical swords
- Total length: approx. 92.5 cm
- Blade length: approx. 75.0 cm
- Blade width at the hilt: approx. 3.4 cm
- Blade width at the point: approx. 25 mm
- Cutting edge: 2.5 - 3 mm
- Weight: approx. 1250 gr
- Rockwell hardness: approx. 50 – 52 HRC

Additionally available:
matching scabbard made of strong leather.

Our "battle-ready" swords are made for fencing, and reenactment swordplay.
Extremely brutal impact of cutting edge against cutting edge ( or other hard objects)
can not be called appropriate use of these swords and may result in breaking the
blade sooner or later. The warranty we offer covers material defects (hairline
fractures in the blade) or manufacturing deficiency, for example.
It does not cover inappropriately destructive behavior with swords.

Shipping weight: 1.70 kg

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