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Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm

Product No.: 6896094040
6896094040 Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm

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Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm

Medieval Knight tent Herold 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm

With the simple medieval tent Herold you get an inexpensive, but spacious and functional tent for army camps, medieval markets or LARP. It offers enough space for up to 4 people, along with luggage and equipment, and with approx. 1.90 m side height and approx. 3 m centre height, there is sufficient headroom even for taller people.

The knight's tent is decorated all around with a saddle pad. A wind and dirt trap is attached to the bottom. The medieval tent can be opened at the front and rear through the two divided side walls. By removing the detachable side walls you can use the tent purely as a canopy.

The Herald Knight's tent is delivered complete with all poles and accessories. It is impregnated against moisture, fungus and rot.

(The photos show the herald 3 x 3 m)

- Dimensions: approx. 4 x 4 m
- Entrance height: approx.1.90 m
- Inside height: approx. 3 m
- Side height: approx.1.90 m
- Weight: approx. 40 kg

Included in delivery:
- Tent skin consisting of 1 roof and 2 side walls
- 12 iron side bars: approx.1.90 m (+ tips approx.1.96 m)
- 1 divisible iron stand: approx. 3 m (+ tips approx. 3.15 m)
- 12 large pegs
- 14 small pegs
- Cotton ropes including tent tensioner
- The tent is delivered in 3 packages

Colours and material:
- Natural colour (cotton, 425 gsm)

Dimensions are all approximate and may vary from the product supplied. The tents are made by hand, which makes them look as authentic as possible, but also entails variations. Cotton is a natural substance that behaves differently under different external conditions, i.e. it can contract or stretch very much. As a result, the poles supplied may not immediately fit into the intended holes.

Openings fit; It may be necessary to shorten the bars a little. Please do not try to stretch the tent skin with force. This increases the risk that it will tear or the seams will split.

Important information for assembling, handling and care of our historical tents

By reading the following advice, your enjoyment of the Viking tents, Roman tents, Saxon tents, Knights tents, medieval tents or medieval stalls will last long time.

Building up the tent is easy to do, fast and stress-free by means of the loop system. It?s possible to adjust the poles to your needs. Please take care that the roof?s corner is connected to the peg by the rope and the peg is aligned with the corner or the loop. Please don?t stretch the ropes too much.

Natural materials like cotton or wood need space for expanding or contracting depending on air humidity. So you may avoid the roof?s poles expanding and water possibly soaking in. We suggest slackening the ropes in the evening because air humidity increases at night so that excessive pressure weighs heavily on your tent. Please slacken the ropes if it?s raining, too.

Start building up the side wall with the tent opening side. The walls should not touch the ground (except in the case of tents containing a groundsheet) to protect the tent against humidity and mould.

We strongly advise drying the tent properly after use. The wooden poles should never be wrapped in plastic sheets or anything similar. A cotton cloth is completely sufficient if the poles are dry.

Don?t use chemical or other cleansers on your tent.  Dried out dirt should be removed by means of stiff a brush. If you don?t need your tent for a long period you should separate all items from the tarpaulin and pack them separately. Take care that all parts are dry and are stored dryly.

Are there any questions left concerning the building up or use of your tents? Don?t hesitate to call or write! We would be pleased to help you.

Shipping weight: 54.00 kg

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