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DVD Kings And Queens Of England The Middle Ages

Art.Nr.: 2258301095
2258301095 DVD Kings And Queens Of England The Middle Ages

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DVD Kings And Queens Of England The Middle Ages
DVD Kings And Queens Of England The Middle Ages

We begin the Middle Ages programme with a monarch much ignored by history; King
Louis. Short-lived though his reign may be, Louis ruled England in the months
between the death of King John and the coronation of Henry III in 1216. The next
183 years were to become known as the Plantagenet period and in addition to
Henry III they would be ruled by Edward I, Edward II, Edward III and Richard II.
In 1399 Henry IV came to the throne, he was the first of the Lancastrians; the
remaining two being Henry V and Henry VI, who between them ruled until 1461.
Although historically the Yorkists ruled from 1461 to 1485, Henry VI was temporarily
restored to the throne in 1470 only to be deposed again in 1471. See here in great
detail how events unfolded during this period of real turmoil; enjoy the atmospheric
re-enactments and the expert analysis from Alan Ereira.

Length: 45 mins

Language: English Diese DVD ist nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

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