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Medieval Christmas - Pro Cantione Antiqua - CD

Product No.: 2184010040
2184010040 Medieval Christmas - Pro Cantione Antiqua - CD

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Medieval Christmas - Pro Cantione Antiqua - CD
Medieval Christmas - Pro Cantione Antiqua CD

A spicy Christmas feast, from a time when classic and folk music mixed. There was little difference in the popular music of the church or the tavern! Often more Chaucer than Christian... A lively record to sit back and enjoy! The attraction of the melodies and especially the exciting rhythms of medieval music has influenced composers like Vaughan Williams and popular icons such as Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. Many pieces are as popular today as they were centuries ago.
(James Griffett, co-founder of the British vocal group Pro Cantione Antiqua)

Track list:
1. Ductiae
2. Alleluja Alle Psallit
3. (Folio 43) Portugaler (Das Buxheimer Orgelbuch)
4. Angelus ad virginem (English)
5. introit Puer natus est nobis
6. In seculum breve
7. Orientis partibus
8. Ductiae
9. Benedicamus trope for the Christmas Midnight Mass Verbum Patris hodie
10. E Semine Rosa
11. Alleluia Psallat
12. carol This Yol
13. Hevene Queene, carol (English) Edi Beo Thu
14. nol for 3 voices Ecce quod natura
15. Nova, Ave fit ex Eva Nova
16. carol Goday My Lord Syre Cristemasse
17. for consort Danse Real
18. conductus for solo voice Beata viscera
19. communion (Messe de la Nativit?) Viderunt omnes (with trope Radix lesse virga)
20. Virgo
21. (late 13th C.) Beata viscera (Worcester Fragments)
22. offertorium Tui sunt caeli
23. communion in mode 1 (Liber Usualis, No. 410, GR. 35) Viderunt Omnes
24. carol Quene Note
25. A solis ortus cardine
26. hymn in mode 1 Aeterna Christi Munera
27. Tard il mio cor
28. There Is No Rose of Such Virtue (English)
29. Nowell Sing We (English)
30. Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse
31. carol Hayl Mary
32. carol Synge We to Thys Mery Cumpane

Playing time: 66 min

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