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DVD History Of War - Gallic Wars

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2258301078 DVD History Of War - Gallic Wars

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DVD History Of War - Gallic Wars
DVD History Of War - Gallic Wars

Julius Caesar's Campaigns in Gaul. 'The Gallic Wars' tells the story of the
campaigns from 58BC to 53BC, in which Julius Caesar and his Roman legions conquered
Gaul, and the Celts on the mysterious island of Britain. Caesar's intervention
in the brutal Gallic intertribal warfare was originally prompted by genuine
concern for Italian security but as the campaign developed, Rome's greatest
commander began to hatch plans for full conquest. Remarkably, Julius Caesar's own
account of the Gallic wars has survived to this very day. Dramatised versions of
these personal memoirs as well as expert views from leading military historians
provide a graphic depiction of this chapter in history. Narrated by Bob Sessions

Length: 55 mins

Language: English Diese DVD ist nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

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