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Wakizashi with wooden Shirasaya. Marto

Product No.: MT-201
MT-201 Wakizashi with wooden Shirasaya. Marto

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Wakizashi with wooden Shirasaya. Marto Wakizashi with wooden Shirasaya. Marto Wakizashi with wooden Shirasaya. Marto

Wakizashi Shirasaya

The wakizashi meaning "side inserted sword" is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords worn by the samurai class in feudal Japan.

The wakizashi being worn together with the katana was the official sign that the wearer was a samurai or swordsman of feudal Japan. When worn together the pair of swords were called daishġ, which translates literally as "big-little".

The wakizashi was one of several short swords available for use by samurai including the tantġ.

While the wearing of katana was limited to the samurai class, wakizashi of legal length (ko-wakizashi) could be carried by the chonin class which included merchants. This was common when traveling due to the risk of encountering bandits. Wakizashi were worn on the left side, secured to the waist sash. 

Shirasaya was a specific sword mounting designed to ensure a better preservation of the blade at night or in case of prolonged disuse. The advantage of untreated magnolia wood laid in its low acidity and the absence of further substances likely to damage the blade. It was not post-treated, absorbed the humidity of the sword and channelled it away. The Katana kept dry and rust-free.
Shirasaya often bore a signature ('Sayagaki') with specifics on the origin of the blade, such as place and time of forging as well as name of swordsmith and assessor.
As the carrying of edged weapons was prohibited by the Emperor by the end of the 19th century, the ornaments and fittings all around the hilt and tsuba were trimmed back, which led to the birth of the Shirasaya design as we know it today. The resemblance of this Katana with a wooden sword or stick would enable its holder to remain unnoticed and to keep carrying it along with him.

- Overall: 64 cm
- Width: 8 cm
- Weight: 1.2 kg

High Quality Wakizashi of the exclusive Collection "Oriental Weapons" made by MARTO.

Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo (Spain)

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Shipping weight: 1.50 kg

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