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Gladiator Net, Rete

Product No.: 2016626300
2016626300 Gladiator Net, Rete

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Gladiator Net, Rete Gladiator Net, Rete
Gladiator's Net, co-called Rete

The retiarius was a Roman gladiator who fought with equipment styled on that of a fisherman: a weighted net, a three-pointed trident, and a dagger (pugio). The retiarius was lightly armoured, wearing an arm guard and a shoulder guard. Typically, his clothing consisted only of a loincloth held in place by a wide belt, or of a short tunic with light padding. He wore no head protection or footwear.The net was used to catch the opponent, make him trip or whip him.

This net is made of 4 mm jute yarn.

-Mesh size: approx. 45 x 45 mm.
-Dimensions: approx. 0.6 x 1.45 m (approx. 0.9 sqm)
-Weight: approx. 1.4 kg

Shipping weight: 1.40 kg

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