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Roman Legionary Fortresses 27 BC - AD 378, FOR43

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2222768953 Roman Legionary Fortresses 27 BC - AD 378, FOR43

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Roman Legionary Fortresses 27 BC - AD 378, FOR43

Roman Legionary Fortresses 27 BC-AD 378
(Fortress 43)

Author: Duncan B Campbell
Illustrator: Brian Delf

Paperback; April 2006; 64 pages

About this book
From the reign of Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) onwards the Roman Army became a standing force with permanent fortresses distributed throughout the empire. These fortresses developed from the temporary fortifications of the legions on campaign into temporary wooden structures, before finally becoming more elaborate stone fortifications designed to stand the test of time. This book describes the development, design and construction of these fortresses throughout the length and breadth of the Empire. It also deals extensively with the experience of life within a typical fortress and covers the operational history of these fortifications throughout the whole of the imperial period.

Dr Duncan B Campbell is a specialist in ancient Greek and Roman warfare. He published his first paper in 1984, as an undergraduate at Glasgow University, and produced a complete re-assessment of Roman siegecraft for his Ph.D. His work has appeared in several international journals. He lives near the Antonine Wall in Scotland with his wife and son.

Brian Delf began his career working in a London art studio producing artwork for advertising and commercial publications. Since 1972, he has worked as a freelance illustrator on a variety of subjects including natural history, architecture and technical cutaways. His illlistrations have been published in over thirty countries. Brian lives and works in Oxfordshire.

# Introduction
# Chronology of the Roman imperial legions
# The design and development of legionary fortresses
# The elements of a legionary fortress
# Living in a legionary fortress
# Aftermath: the legionary fortresses in the later period
# Further reading
# Glossary
# Index

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