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Barbarians by Tim Newark and Angus McBride

Product No.: 2208600400
2208600400 Barbarians by Tim Newark and Angus McBride

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Barbarians by Tim Newark and Angus McBride

By tim Newark and Angus Mc Bride, 48 pages, 20 color and 2 b/w plates


1. Celtic warriors leave their home for a raid, Central Europe, 4th century BC.

2. Scythian Raiders in Thrace, 5th century BC.

3. Celtic Raiders close on Etruscan town, northern Italy, 375 BC.

4. Alexander the Great meets Celtic warriors, late 4th century BC.

5. Celtiberian warriors with Roman prisoner, late 2nd century BC.

6. Celt fighting German, Central Europe, circa 100 BC.

7. Romans pay off British spy, northern England, 1st century AD.

8. Alammani break into a Roman fort, German border, 3rd century AD.

9. Burgundians enter southern France, 4th century AD.

10. Franks confront frozen Roman, northern France, 4th century AD.

11. Goths and Sarmatian, eastern Europe, 4th century AD.

12. Attila receives tribute from China, middle of 5th century AD.

13. Death of Theoderic, king of the Visigoths, battle of Chalons, 451 AD.

14. Vandal and Alan warriors in North Africa, 5th century AD.

15. Saxon warriors, southern England, 6th century AD.

16. Avar and Bulgar warriors, Eastern Europe, 8th century AD.

17. Lombard warriors, northern Italy, 8th century AD.

18. Viking raiders clash with Carolingians near Paris, 9th century AD.

19. Viking warriors, Norway, 10th century AD.

20. Magyars burn German fort, central Europe, 10th ceury AD.

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