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RFB Horsebow, LARP Bow

Product No.: IF-HU703409
IF-HU703409 RFB Horsebow, LARP Bow

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RFB Horsebow, LARP Bow RFB Horsebow, LARP Bow RFB Horsebow, LARP Bow
RFB Horsebow, LARP Bow

The Ready for Battle Horsebow is made from durable and flexible fiberglass with laminated wood endings, has a velour leather grip fora better hold and is perfect for LARP arrows. Included in the delivery is the bow, the string and a bowcase. This bow is escpeciallysuited for beginners as he is easy to span and due to its more neutral design will fit with any LARP character.

- Material: fiberglass, velour leather, laminated wood
- Delivery includes: bow, string, bowcase
- Colour: black
- Length: approx. 47 inches (approx. 120 cm)
- Draw weight: approx. 24-26 lbs
- Weight: approx. 485 g

Every product is handmade and therefore unique.

Please notice:
Adult supervision is required for children to operate any bow. Never shoot at people or animals. Keep both bow parts and arrows away from the eyes.This product contains a flexible fiberglass core which should not be used if damaged or broken. Do not try to self-repair the bow, discard if signsof stress appear. Do not leave in the sun or near a source of heat. Do not shoot damaged arrows, especially in case of damaged pads.

The Ready For Battle range offers simple and well-priced quality LARP products. Ready For Battle is a great place tostart whether you are new to LARP (and probably still a child) or you?re an experienced LARPer with an affection for the simple designs.Every item was designed and manufactured with focus on coolness, functionality and safety. Zuggewicht draw weightStandhöhe stand height

Shipping weight: 1.00 kg

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